News: Eugenio Goria (Università di Torino) and I convene a colloqium for early-career researchers at Villa Vigoni on March 19-22. The colloquium is devoted to Pieter Muysken's typology of language mixing and is funded by the German Research Society (DFG).


I am an assistant professor (Akademischer Rat) in the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Bamberg, where I teach a wide range of topics in Slavic linguistics. My research is concerned with variability and dynamicity of linguistic structure. I am particularly interested in phonetics and phonology of Slavic, bilingual practices, sociolinguistics and cognitive linguistics.


I supervise master's theses and final projects in the bachelor's degree program in Slavic Studies. My current advisee is Nigina Makhmudova, BA.


Nikolay Hakimov

Universität Bamberg

Lehrstuhl für Slavische Sprachwissenschaft

Obere Karolinenstraße 8
D-96047 Bamberg