Current projects

The phonological structure of Slavic varieties and their development: a prosodic typology (tentative title)

Habilitation project, University of Bamberg


Bilinguale Rede dreier Generationen in der Diaspora: Bosnisch/kroatisch/serbisch-deutsches Code-Mixing in Westösterreich

Funded by a University of Innsbruck young researcher grant 2018 (Nachwuchsförderungsprogramm der Universität Innsbruck 2018)

Completed projects

Vernacular Kildin Saami as a fused lect (in collaboration with Michael Rießler, University of Eastern Finland)


Explaining Russian-German code-mixing: A usage-based approach

PhD project conducted within and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) research training group 1624 Frequency effects in language, Univeristy of Freiburg